There’s something so enticing about a thoughtfully styled stack of coffee table books on a coffee table¬† – not only do they look beautiful but they add a touch of personality and class to a space – they also make great gifts and home decor items. Plus, who doesn’t love sitting down with a hot cuppa and flicking through the glossy pages of gorgeous hardcover (or even paperback) coffee table book?! I know I do! Today I’ve rounded up a selection of 12 beautiful dog themed coffee table books for the animal lovers amongst us – dog coffee table books –¬† great as a ‘treat’ for oneself (see what I did there?!) or as a gift for a doggy loving friend!12 BEAUTIFUL COFFEE TABLE BOOKS FOR DOG LOVERS - Hey, Djangles. heydjangles.com - Dog coffee table books, dog decor, coffee table decor, gift ideas for dog lovers, animal lovers.

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How adorable are these?! Do you own any already or have any recommendations for other gorgeous doggy coffee table books? If so, please share them in the comments!


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