15 UNDER $50: Pet Beds With Washable Covers

Have you ever tried to wash a pet bed any larger than a cat bed in the washing machine before? It sucks! They always seem to come out lumpy and misshapen, take forever to dry and quite frankly look a little worse for wear when all is said and done. So what’s the solution? Pet beds with washable covers of course!



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Why choose a pet bed with a washable cover?

Pet beds with washable covers are relatively simple to care for and maintain, making them a great, long-lasting alternative for mucky pups. Simply unzip the cover and throw them in the washing machine like you would with any other bedding. They’re hygienic and dry quickly too, and because you’re not washing the whole bed every time, it means the actual bed itself will hold its shape for much longer, ultimately extending the overall life of the bed.

So, think a pet bed with a removable, washable cover might be the best option for your fur-kid? Well you’re in luck! Today we’ve rounded up an awesome selection of pet beds with washable covers… 15 to be exact, all under $50 each!

From small pet beds to jumbo pet beds, there is an option here to suit almost any sized dog and in a range of styles and fillings too!

15 UNDER $50: Pet Beds With Washable Covers

*All prices correct at time of publishing.

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