Best Aesthetic Dog Toys That Keep Dogs Busy

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Are you looking for engaging, aesthetic dog toys that keep dogs busy? This post is for you! Introducing The Game and Falcon Toy from Fable Pets, today’s post sponsor.

Image via Fable

Thoughtfully designed, enrichment-focused dog toys that keep dogs busy (and look good too!)

When it comes to pet gear, Fable is all about thoughtful, functional, visually appealing designs that solve real problems for pets and their people – their dog toys are no exception!

With a focus on enrichment and engaging interactive play, The Game and Falcon Toy from Fable are challenging, yet fun and have been designed to keep even the most restless of pups entertained for hours, all while blending seamlessly into any decor;

The Game

Images via Fable feat. The Game in Navy and Purple

An enrichment game, puzzle feeder and interactive dog toy in one, Fable’s The Game is perfect for high-energy and anxious pups in need of a challenging distraction.

Featuring a strong, food-safe silicone exterior for quiet play, The Game has been designed to exercise your pup’s body and mind by encouraging them to use their natural foraging and problem-solving skills to reveal the hidden treats inside.

With a weighted base for unpredictable motion to engage your dog’s prey drive, and multiple complexity settings, The Game also features grooved fins on top for spreadable treats like peanut butter and can hold up to 1.5 cups of dry dog food (making it a great alternative to traditional bowl feeding).

It’s also available in 5 fun, aesthetically pleasing colors – many of which were chosen because they’re within the dog’s visible color spectrum.

Falcon Toy

Images via Fable feat. the Falcon Toy in various colors

Designed to accommodate both interactive and quiet independent play, Fable’s Falcon Toy can be used as a fun shared tug toy or treat-dispensing enrichment game. It’s also made from food grade, non-toxic TPE so you know it’s safe.

With multiple treat cavities for dog-friendly spreads and kibble of different sizes, Falcon’s unique interlocking design means that 2 toys can be linked together for enhanced entertainment and prolonged playtime fun.

The Falcon Toy from Fable is also available in 8 dog-friendly colors.

Where to buy Fable aesthetic dog toys + Fable Pets discount code for Hey, Djangles readers

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The Game

Available in 5 colors

Falcon Toy

Available in 8 colors

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Note: Although Fable dog toys are made of high-strength silicone and TPU materials, they are NOT recommended for power chewers and have not been designed as such.

More about Fable

Founded in 2019 by siblings and NYC dog park regulars, Jeremy Canade and Sophie Bakalar, the Fable product range is expansive and covers everything from stylish dog walking gear and collars to aesthetic dog toys, comfy pet beds, and stylish modern dog crates.

To shop the full range, visit Fable online or follow along via Instagram or TikTok, #RealFablePets