6 Best Door Mats for Dogs: For Cleaner Paws and Floors!

It’s no secret that dog ownership comes with a unique set of cleaning challenges! It’s also why so many of our decor choices revolve around our pets. Thankfully though, keeping a clean home with dogs around isn’t impossible and can actually be pretty easy when you have the right products on hand…. enter, the dog door mat!

Best Door Mats for Dogs
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Why door mats for dogs are great:

Dog door mats and door mats designed specifically with absorbancy in mind can work wonders for your floor as they actively attract and trap moisture, dirt and debris from your pet’s paws before they have a chance to work their way into your home.

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Things to consider when selecting a dog door mat:

When selecting a doggy door mat that is right for you it’s important to consider the following;

  • Size –  does your dog bound through the door at great speeds? If so, a mat that covers a larger surface area will have more chance of absorbing moisture, dirt and debris compared with a small, standard size mat. This is especially true for big dogs.
  • Absorbency – be on the look out for absorbency ratings, moisture wicking capabilities, and trapping ability i.e. how the mat traps dirt/mud and liquid to prevent tracking and seepage through to the floor beneath it.
  • Non-slip backing – is the mat going to be used on a hard surface? If so, a non-slip backing is especially important for safety reasons.
  • Durability – will the mat be used in a high-traffic area by multiple pets? If so, a more robust, heavy duty mat is probably more suitable.
  • Ease of cleaning – some options are machine washable, while some aren’t. Some can be easily vacuumed, others cannot. Be mindful of drying times for high absorbancy mats too as these can sometimes be long depending on your climate.
  • High vs low profile –  be sure to check door clearance levels before selecting a plush or high-profile mat as they may not be able to pass over the mat without getting caught.
  • Indoor/outdoor use – if you’re looking for an outdoor mat be sure to check weather ratings, fade resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Appearance – is this important to you? Remember, mats that are marketed specifically as ‘dog door mats’ tend to be more about practicality than appearance and can sometimes look more like a bath mat than a traditional door mat! Don’t despair though, there are lots of other options out there (low-profile options for example).

Check out our top picks for best door mats for dogs below!

Best Low-Profile Door Mats for Dogs

Low-profile, heavy duty and commercial grade mats made from rubber and similar materials are great for trapping dirt (as well as moisture) in high-traffic areas. They’re also super durable, long lasting and perfect for multi-pet households.

Check out our top picks for best low-profile door mats for dogs below…

Best Door Mats for Dogs - feat. Notrax - 117S0048CH 117 Heritage Rib Entrance Mat, for Home or Office, 4' X 8' Charcoal

Image via NOTRAX/Amazon


  • Ribbed design helps ‘scrape’ and collect dirt and debris from paws/shoes
  • Low-profile (3/8 inches thick), easy to vacuum and won’t interfere with doors
  • Double-ribbed design aids water absorption and retention
  • Heavy-weight, durable construction ideal for medium to high-traffic areas
  • Vinyl backing limits sliding on hard surfaces and prevents water seeping through
  • 7 sizes available, up to 4′ x 8′
  • 5 colors to choose from
  • Made in the USA


  • Not intended for use on carpet (hard surfaces only)
  • Spot-clean, hose and vacuum only (not machine-washable)
  • Must follow unboxing instructions carefully to avoid ‘curled’ edges
Best Door Mats for Dogs - feat. Gorilla Grip Waterproof All-Season WeatherMax Doormat, 47x35, Durable Natural Rubber, Stain and Fade Resistant, Low Profile, Indoor Outdoor Door Mats, Easy Clean Patio Entrance Mat, Stone Paws

Image via GORILLA GRIP/Amazon


  • Rubber beveled border retains and traps moisture, incl. mud and debris
  • Slightly raised polypropylene fabric helps trap dirt within its patterned grooves
  • Low profile design (1/4 inch) ideal for low clearing doors and entryways
  • Heavy duty, durable design suitable for high-traffic areas
  • Easy to clean with vacuum, broom or hose
  • #1 Best Seller on Amazon for Outdoor Doormats
  • Non-slip, waterproof and quick-drying
  • 27 colors/designs available to suit most decors
  • 4 sizes, + commercial option available with extended sizing (here)
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use


  • Not machine-washable
  • Natural rubber smell can be overwhelming for some
  • Long pet nails have potential to snag fibers (keep nails trimmed)
Best Door Mats for Dogs - feat. M+A Matting WaterHog Diamond | Commercial-Grade Entrance Mat with Fabric Border – Indoor/Outdoor, Quick Drying, Stain Resistant Door Mat (Charcoal, 4' x 6') - 221540046

Image via WATERHOG/Amazon


  • Gripper rubber backing suitable for use on carpet and hard surfaces
  • Bi-level surface scrapes dirt and moisture from paws/shoes and traps it to prevent tracking
  • Low-profile (3/8 inches thick), easy to vacuum and won’t interfere with doors
  • Commercial grade quality, suitable for high-traffic areas
  • Water dam border holds moisture keeping it off your floors
  • Can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard
  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and 20% recycled rubber 
  • Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Stain and fade resistant, quick-drying
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Many sizes available, up to Jumbo+
  • Available in 19 colors
  • Made in the USA


  • Due to expanding/contracting nature of rubber, advertised measurements not exact
  • Some discoloration can occur on certain floor types (i.e. hardwood with stain)
  • Not machine washable, spot-clean, hose and vacuum only

Best Microfiber Door Mats for Dogs

Designed for indoor use, microfiber door mats are super soft and squishy and are great for absorbing moisture at the source. While they tend to look more like a bath mat than a traditional door mat, their ability to attract and trap dirt and debris should not be underestimated! They’re also machine washable, which is a nice bonus.

Check out our top picks for best microfiber door mats for dogs below…

Best Door Mats for Dogs - feat. Gorilla Grip Soak Stopper Absorbent Chenille Indoor Doormat, Rubber Backing, Muddy Dog Paws Washable Mat, Quick Dry Microfiber Door Mat Inside Floor, Home Décor Welcome Mats, 48x30, Black

Image via GORILLA GRIP/Amazon


  • Extra absorbent microfiber top layer traps mud and moisture
  • Machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer (on low heat setting)
  • Super soft and comfortable under foot
  • Can be washed many times
  • Strong TP rubber anti-skid backing
  • 6 sizes available, up to 70″ x 24″
  • 18 solid colors to choose from, also available in a paw print design (here)


  • Thick plush pile can be difficult to vacuum and can get stuck under some doors
  • Looks more like a bath mat than traditional door mat
  • Indoor use only
Best Door Mats for Dogs - feat. Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Microfiber Paw Doormat - Muddy Mats For Dogs - Super Absorbent Dog Mat Keeps Paws & Floors Clean - Machine Washable Pet Door Rugs with Non-Slip Backing | Large Almond

Image via DOG GONE SMART PET/Amazon


  • Plush microfiber ‘bristles’ absorb water/mud and trap dirt and debris
  • GSM absorption rate of 3000, can hold up to 7x its weight in water
  • Available in small, medium and large (35″ x 26″), + runner
  • Includes anti-skid gripper backing
  • Can also be used in the car, crate and on furniture
  • Machine washable
  • 13 colors to choose from


  • No solid colors, all have paw print design
  • Long dry time after washing due to high absorbancy
  • Thick plush pile can be difficult to vacuum and can get stuck under some doors
Best Door Mats for Dogs - feat. Furhaven 60" x 48" Highly Absorbent Dog Door Mat for Muddy Paws, 100% Washable, Perfect for Entryway, Kitchen, & Bathroom Use - Chenille Shammy Rug - Charcoal (Gray), Jumbo Plus/XXXL

Image via FURHAVEN/Amazon


  • Absorbent, soft microfiber chenille filaments attract and trap dirt, debris and liquid
  • Available in small, medium, large, x-large, runner and jumbo plus (up to 60″ x 48″!)
  • Multiple uses incl. as door mat, dog shammy towel, food bowl mat, area rug, furniture protector, and car seat/boot cover
  • Machine washable and can go in tumble-dryer (on low heat)
  • Non-skid backing
  • Budget friendly and excellent value for money
  • Available in 4 solid colors


  • Thick plush pile can be difficult to vacuum and can get stuck under some doors
  • Indoor use only

Other Handy Back Door Products for Pups

Paw cleaners, dog shammies and dog wipes are super handy when kept at the door your pup uses most.

Best Door Mats for Dogs
Best Door Mats for Dogs - feat. The Original Dirty Dog Door Mat, Gorilla Grip, Notrax, Furhaven and WaterHog door mats. How to keep a clean home with dogs.

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