8 Best Hands-Free Leash Options for Dogs

Are you looking for hands-free dog leash options to make walking your pup a more enjoyable (and easier!) experience? This post is for you! Today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best hands-free dog leash options around, as well as identifying some very important pre-purchase hands-free dog leash buying considerations. 

Check out our tips and top picks for best hands-free leash options for dogs below!

Image via Non-Stop Dogwear feat the CaniX Belt and Bungee Leash

Image via Non-Stop Dogwear feat. the CaniX Belt and Bungee Leash

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Hands-Free Dog Leash Buying Considerations

When deciding on a hands-free dog leash that is right for you, it’s important to take the following into consideration:

  • Type of activity – consider what you’ll be doing most when using the leash i.e. walking/running/hiking/dog sports. This will heavily influence the type of leash that will be most suitable.
  • The size of your dog –  What works well for a medium or large-sized dog usually won’t work comfortably for small breeds – always check manufacturer guidelines for suitability when selecting an option that is right for you and your dog.
  • Leash length and walking preference – does your dog like to walk out in front? If so, a longer leash might be more suitable. Conversely, if you prefer your dog to be by your side, a shorter leash will likely be more comfortable. Also, remember to take your height into consideration.
HANDY TIP – to work out what leash-length might be most suitable (and most comfortable for you), try looping the handle of your existing dog leash through a belt around your waist and attach it to your dog. Test it out around the house to see how it feels. If the leash is too droopy, consider a shorter option, conversely, if you find that you are falling over each other, a longer option might be a better fit.
  • Dog walking style – how well-behaved is your dog on leash? For pullers and stronger breeds, a heavy-duty option might be more suitable. For well-trained dogs, a lightweight option might be all that is needed.
  • Control – depending on your needs and your dog’s walking style, a leash with grab handle/s for extra control might be beneficial (especially in high-traffic areas).
  • Storage options – if this is important to you, look for an option with pockets built-in.
  • Versatility – some hands-free options can be worn multiple ways (even as a traditional hand-held leash). If you want a dual-purpose leash, keep an eye out for these models.
  • Durability/quality – this is especially important for larger, more boisterous dogs. If you have a crazy pooch that likes to put its gear to the ultimate test, be on the lookout for heavy-duty models with superior quality hardware, materials and construction to ensure they last as long as possible.

Best Hands-Free Leash Options for Dogs

1. Best Hands-Free Dog Leash Overall

The following options offer great value for money for the everyday dog parent and come in a range of stylish, fun colors.

Image via IYoShop/Amazon

Hands-Free Dog Leash with Pouch

Key Features:

  • Double-bungees for shock absorption
  • 2 padded handles for extra control
  • Fixed durable D-clip leash attachment
  • Removable zipper pouch
  • Reflective threading
  • 2 sizes available (small and med/large)
  • Med/Large suits dogs up to 150 lbs
  • 9 colors to choose from

Leash Length/Belt Size:

Leash length min. 4′ 3″- max. 5’8″
Belt size min. 27″- max. 48″


Image via Tuff Mutt/Amazon

Hands-Free Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • Durable bungee for shock absorption
  • 2 lightweight handles for extra control
  • Easy-glide belt clip for ease of movement
  • Reflective threading
  • 1 size suits med-large dogs 30-100 lbs
  • 12 colors to choose from

Leash Length/Belt Size:

Leash length min. 4′ – max. 5′
Belt size 48″ (adjustable)

2. Best Budget Hands-Free Leash for Dogs

Highly-rated and uber affordable, the hands-free dog leash by Sparkly Pets on Amazon is a great, hands-free dog walking option for your well-trained pooch.

Image via Sparkly Pets/Amazon

Hands-Free Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • Bungee for shock absorption
  • 2 padded handles for extra control
  • Strong double D-clip leash attachment
  • Top handle can convert to traditional leash
  • Reflective threading
  • 1 size suits med-large dogs
  • 6 colors to choose from
  • 1 and 2 dog options
  • Amazon #1 best seller

Leash Length/Belt Size:

Leash length min. 4’2″ – max. 5’6″
Belt size min. 28″- max. 47″

3. Best Hands-Free Dog Leash for 2 Dogs

For enjoyable, tangle-free walks with your dogs the Pet Dreamland Hands-Free Double Dog Leash is a great, cost-effective option. 

Image via Pet Dreamland/Amazon

Hands-Free Double Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • 2 sizes to choose from;
  • Small-medium (2 dogs 15-35 lbs each)
  • Large (2 dogs 35-150 lbs each)
  • Multiple bungees for shock absorption
  • Multiple padded handles for extra control
  • 360° swivel leash splitter to avoid tangles
  • 5 colors to choose from

Leash Length/Belt Size:

Double leash, each segment 16″-20″
+ Leash extender 43″-55″
Belt size min. 27″- max. 48″

4. Best Hands-Free Running Leash for Dogs

Designed for (and by) serious runners and dog sports athletes, the CaniX Belt and bungee leash is the perfect hands-free option for runners and canicross enthusiasts. It also works well for hiking and skiing with your pooch too.

Images via Non-Stop Dogwear

CaniX Belt + Bungee Leash 

Key Features:

  • Unique belt design minimizes lower-back strain and promotes good running technique
  • Includes strong locking carabiner on a loop on the front of the belt for secure leash attachment and freedom of movement
  • Back pocket for smartphone or keys
  • Heavy-duty buckles and breathable material
  • Multiple adjustments points to suit a variety of body shapes, available in 2 sizes
  • Reflective details for visibility
  • Robust bungee leash sold separately and available in 2 sizes

Leash Length/Belt Size:

2 belt sizes available;
Small 19.7″-32.3″, Medium 32.3″-40.9″

2 leash sizes available;
3.7′-6.6′ and 5.4′-9.2′

5. Best Hands-Free Leash For Large Dogs and Pullers

The heavy-duty design and wide, comfortable padded waistband of Neewa’s Hands-Free Trekking Belt is perfect for large breeds and pullers. 

Image via Neewa

Hands-Free Trekking Belt + Tug Line with Bungee

Key Features:

  • Wide comfortable waistband
  • Padded lower back for extra support
  • Heavy-duty design and construction
  • Hip shock absorbers built into the belt
  • Includes a removable storage pocket and collapsible water bowl
  • Pair with a Neewa Tug Line Bungee Leash (sold separately) or attach your existing leash with a carabiner (not included with belt)

Leash Length/Belt Size:

Adjustable waist 30″-52″

Leash (sold separately) available in 2 sizes;
5ft and 6.5ft

6. Best Convertible Hands-Free Leash for Dogs

If you’re looking for a versatile lightweight leash that is both sleek and stylish, check out the Zee.Dog hands-free dog leash. It can be worn 3 ways and comes in 5 stylish colors.

Image via Zee.Dog

Hands-Free Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • Convertible, stylish, and lightweight
  • Can be worn cross-body, around the waist, or as a traditional hand-held leash
  • Features an E.zee lock adjustment buckle
  • Durable rope construction, minimal design
  • 5 colors to choose from

Leash Length/Belt Size:

Depends on how the leash is worn ~
Total leash length is 3’9″ – 7’10”

7. Best Hands-Free Dog Leash For Hiking

Designed specifically with hiking in mind, the Hurtta Hiker Belt is the perfect hands-free hiking and trekking canine companion. It’s also great for skiing and skating with your dog, and very durable.

Image via Hurtta/Amazon

Hiker Belt

Key Features:

  • Padded back for comfort and support
  • Flexible waist adjustment and leg straps keep the belt in place
  • Quick-release panic lock for fast release of dog in emergencies
  • Flexi-section for leash attachment and freedom of movement
  • Dedicated water bottle pocket and pockets for phone, treats, and waste bags
  • Bright 3M reflective piping to improve safety in dark conditions
  • Tested under lab conditions according to standard SFS-EN ISO 13934-1
  • Meets the requirements of the Federation of Sled Dog Sports for competition use
  • Easily attaches to most rope-style leashes

Belt Size:

Adjustable waist 27″-47″

8. BONUS - Best New Release/One To Watch

Released this month, the Zee.Run is a stylish new hands-free running belt from Zee.Dog (the makers of the best convertible hands-free dog leash above) and definitely one to watch if you love running with your dog! Check it out below.

Image via Zee.Dog

Zee.Run Running Belt

Key Features:

  • Minimal, lightweight, stylish design
  • Shock absorbing leash strap that can be attached to ANY leash
  • Water-resistant pocket that can fit large mobile phones
  • Key hook and headphone port
  • Reflective details for safer nighttime running
  • Available in 2 sizes

Belt Size:

2 sizes available;
Small – 22″-35″
Large – 29.5″-45″

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8 Best Hands-Free Leash Options for Dogs - featuring brands such as Tuff Mutt, Hurtta, Zee.Dog, Neewa, Non-Stop Dogwear and more. Hands-free dog leash, dog walking belts, running with your dog #doglover #handsfree #dogwalking
8 Best Hands-Free Leash Options for Dogs - featuring brands such as Tuff Mutt, Hurtta, Zee.Dog, Neewa, Non-Stop Dogwear and more. Hands-free dog leash, dog walking belts, running with your dog #doglover #handsfree #dogwalking

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