15 UNDER $50: Best Indoor Dog Potties

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Whether you’re toilet training a new puppy, live in an apartment or have an older doggo that can’t hold on as long as they used to, indoor dog potties can be a real lifesaver (for both you and your pup)!

In today’s post we’ll be looking at 15 of the best indoor dog potties under $50 on the market today.

15 UNDER $50: Best Indoor Dog Potties –heydjangles.com, puppy toilet training, indoor dog potty, potty training your dog.

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15 UNDER $50: Best Indoor Dog Potties

Blyss Pets Klean Paws
Indoor Dog Potty

– keeps paws dry
– use pads for longer
– for small breeds + pups

Fresh Patch Disposable
Dog Potty

– 100% natural
– large 24″ x 24″
– environmentally friendly

PuppyGoHere Dog
Litter Pan Litter Box
– training guide included
– multiple sizes and colors
– suits small dogs and pups

DoggieLawn Real Grass Disposable Dog Potty
– real grass, neutralizes odor
– replace every few weeks
– environmentally friendly

Humble Pet Co. Washable
Pee Pads for Dogs

– waterproof and non-slip
– 4 innovative layers, 2 pack
– easy-clean and washable

Richell Paw Trax
Mesh Training Tray
– snap-in frame holds pads
– comes in 3 colors
– for small breeds and pups

Simple Solution Large
Washable Puppy Pad
– absorbent, odor controlling
– XL 30″ x 32″, 2 pack
– versatile and reusable

Fezep Artificial Grass
Dog Potty Training Rug
– high quality, eco-friendly
– thick, durable, easy to clean
– realistic appearance

Puppy Training Pads
– absorbant and disposable
– holds up to 3 cups of liquid
– built-in odor neautralizer

Rocket & Rex Reusable
Dog Pee Pads

– absorbent and waterproof
– washable and reusable
– XL 30″ x 36″, 4 pack

Pee Pads for Dogs
– waterproof and non-slip
– XL 36″ x 41″, 2 pack
– washable and reusable

ZGR Artificial Garden 
Premium Pet Turf
– 15 square feet
– waterproof and non-toxic
– 10 year warranty

BESTLE Extra Large Pet
Training and Puppy Pads
– highly absorbent and leak-proof
– holds up to 9 cups of liquid
– XL 28″ x 34″, 40 pack

STARROAD-TIM Artificial Grass Rug Turf for Dogs
– non-toxic and easy to clean
– 39.3″ x 31.5″, 1.18″ height 
– ideal for small dogs and pups

Pet Parents Washable
Dog Pee Pads

– one pad, many uses
– highly absorbent, controls odor
– XL 41″ x 41″, 2 pack

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15 UNDER $50: Best Indoor Dog Potties –heydjangles.com, puppy toilet training, indoor dog potty, potty training your dog.