10 Best Boredom Busting Activity Mats for Dogs

Activity mats for dogs, like snuffle mats, make for great canine boredom busting enrichment toys. Not only are they challenging and fun, they also encourage your dog’s natural foraging instincts too. In turn, relieving stress and boredom by way of mental and physical stimulation. They’re also great for slowing your dogs down at meal time too!

Why canine enrichment is so important:

Providing your dog with mentally stimulating enrichment toys and games is important because it encourages and promotes natural behaviours (like sniffing and play) in a safe, controlled and appropriate setting. Not only that, it also helps to reduce anxiety, and build self-confidence.

Other benefits of canine enrichment include;

  • It relaxes them
  • It assists learning and development
  • It helps to reduce problem behaviours
  • It helps to build independence
  • It benefits their mental health and well-being
  • It helps to build a positive relationship with you and your dog
  • It provides an outlet for their energy, and;
  • It wears them out!
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What is an Activity Mat/Snuffle Mat?

Like the name suggests, an activity mat for dogs is a type of “game” mat designed to challenge and engage dogs. The most common type of activity mat is a snuffle mat. 

Snuffle mats are usually made of felt or fleece and are designed to mimic the ground in nature i.e. grass, leaves, debris. Treats can be scattered and hidden in the various compartments and sections, then dogs must use their keen sense of smell to “snuffle” them out. Dogs are natural foragers, so this type of activity is a real thrill for them, and is very mentally stimulating!

Today we’ve rounded up 10 of the best activity mats for dogs we could find. All in various sizes and degrees of difficulty – let us know which is your favourite below! 

10 Best Boredom Busting Activity Mats for Dogs

Quality polar fleece, machine washable, multiple layers and hidey holes.

Amazon’s Choice, sustainably made, suitable for small to large breeds.

Dual-use design can be used as a snuffle mat or bowl, incl. 2 year warranty.

Large size, lots of hidey holes and stimulating sections, anti-slip, washable.

Upcycled materials, easy to clean and store, non-slip, multiple sections.

Licky slow feeder snuffle mat alternative, promotes calm behaviour, anxiety relief.

Cute Sunflower design, suit small to medium dogs, machine washable.

Fun football field design, multiple sections for treats, machine washable.

Includes 5 challenging treat dispensing maze toys, non-slip, machine washable.

Eco-friendly soft fleece, easy to clean, multiple mats can be spliced together.

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