Clothes for Great Danes: 15 Big Dog Brands to Know

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Are you struggling to find stylish yet practical dog coats and clothes to fit your larger-than-life Great Dane? This post is for you! Check out the best coats and clothes for Great Danes below from 15 big dog brands every Dane parent should know!

Best Coats & Clothes for Great Danes: 14 Big Dog Brands to Know - incl. Voyagers K9 Apparel, Canada Pooch, Mila + Me, Gold Paw, GF Pet, Chilly Dog, WeatherBeeta and more!

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Best Coats & Clothes for Great Danes

For Dane-friendly pet brands with inclusive sizing for giant breeds, check out the following big dog-friendly brands and retailers;

1. Voyagers K9 Apparel

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Voyagers K9 Apparel have been designing and creating breed-specific dog apparel since 1993. Their range is expansive and caters to over 25 unique breed shapes and fits, including a custom option for mixed breeds.

For giant breeds, the Voyagers K9 Apparel Great Dane clothing line is impressive and includes an awesome selection of raincoats, winter coats, tummy warmers and hoods in a range of stylish designs and colors, complete with a unique Great Dane clothes sizing system to ensure the perfect fit.

Shop the Voyagers K9 Apparel range via their website or Etsy store.

2. Canada Pooch

Image via Canada Pooch feat. The Expedition Coat in Charcoal

Image via Canada Pooch

Known for their quality walking gear and extensive clothing and apparel range for dogs, Canada Pooch pride themselves on their extensive and all-inclusive sizing range, with options and sizes to suit teacup dogs and giant breeds alike. 

For Great Danes and dogs up to 200 lbs, Canada Pooch offers 3 generous sizes – 32”, 34”, and 36”.

Shop the Canada Pooch range via their website, Amazon, Chewy, Petco, Nordstrom, Walmart, and other retailers.

3. Mila + Me - Clothes for Great Danes

Image via Mila + Me feat. the Maleny Designer Dog Sweater (Etsy)

Based in Queensland, Australia, Mila + Me specialize in designer dog apparel for large and giant breeds. With a focus on Great Danes, Mila + Me’s range is stylish yet practical and features a broad selection of custom and ready-made clothes for Great Danes, including raincoats, winter jackets, sweaters, pyjamas and snoods.

Worldwide shipping is available.

Shop the Mila + Me range via their website or Etsy store.

4. Danarmor Pet Supplies

Based in Ireland, Danarmor Pet Supplies is a small family run business with a big passion for dogs – giant dogs in particular! With a focus on high-quality raincoats and winter wear for Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds and Boxers, Danarmor also offer a sweet range of Dane-themed décor and homewares for lovers of the breed.

Worldwide shipping is available.

Shop the Danarmor range via their website, or Etsy store.

5. GF Pet

Image via GF Pet feat. the Lodge Parka in Forest Green

Another popular Dane-friendly pet brand is GF Pet. Specializing in functional yet stylish dog apparel and accessories for pups of all sizes, GF Pet product sizes run up to 4XL for pups 90-140 lbs. GF Pet’s 4XL size has a back length of 32” and girth of 34-40”.

The GF Pet product range includes dog sweaters, hoodies, raincoats, winter coats, dog boots, collars, feeders and more.

Shop GF Pet products via their website, Chewy, Amazon, Petco, Tractor Supply Co. and other retailers.

6. Chilly Dog Sweaters

Images via Chilly Dog Sweaters

Wildly popular and widely available, Chilly Dog are known for their super cute yet super affordable woollen dog sweaters and coats for pups of all sizes (Great Danes included!).

Chilly Dog sweaters are available in sizes up to 3XL for dogs up to 120lbs, and feature a generous back length of 36″-38”, making them perfect for the average sized Dane. Coats are available up to 2XL.

Shop Chilly Dog sweaters and coats via their website, Amazon, Chewy, Walmart and other retailers.

7. Doggie Design

Image via Doggie Design feat. the Alpine All-Weather Dog Coat in Red/Black (Amazon)

For super affordable, yet practical winter dog coats in sizes up to 5XL, Doggie Design have got you covered. Suitable for giant breeds up to 120 lbs, Doggie Design’s 5XL Alpine coats feature a 30” back length, 37″-40” chest and 30″-32” neck.

Shop Doggie Design dog coats via Amazon, Etsy, and other retailers.

8. Cloak and Dawggie/My Canine Kids

Image via Cloak and Dawgie, feat. the Precision Fit Plaid Fleece Dog Jacket

Cloak and Dawgie/My Canine Kids offer simple yet stylish fleece dog sweaters, jackets, winter coats and parkas for dogs of all sizes, including Great Danes. With a whole section of their website dedicated to extra-large and giant breeds, Cloak and Dawggie/My Canine Kids offer sizes up to 5XL to fit dogs 200 lbs and beyond.

Shop the Cloak and Dawgie/My Canine Kids range via their website.

9. Gold Paw

Images via Gold Paw, feat. the Stretch Fleece in Eggplant and the Sun Shield Tee in Coral Heather

Gold Paw stock a stylish range of cute yet comfortable stretch fleece sweaters and sun shield tees in Dane-friendly sizes.

Proudly made in the USA, Gold Paw’s stretch fleece range is available in over 20 colors, while their sun shield, UV-blocking tees come in 8 fun colors. Both styles are offered in sizes up to 30 which is recommended for Great Danes. Clothing in this size features a back length of 30” and girth of 34″-40”.

Shop Gold Paw products via their website, Amazon, and other retailers.

10. WeatherBeeta

Image via WeatherBeeta, feat. the Comfitec Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat (Amazon)

WeatherBeeta are known for their high quality, comfortable yet durable coats, rugs and accessories for dogs and horses – as Danes are practically little horses, it comes as no surprise that WeatherBeeta frequently receive high praise from Great Dane owners.

WeatherBeeta’s dog coat range is expansive, with options to suit just about every taste, style and climate. They’re also available up to a size 32”, making them perfect for big breeds.

Shop the WeatherBeeta dog coat range via their website, Amazon, Tractor Supply Co,, and others.

11. Hefty Hounds

Image via Hefty Hounds, feat. the Big Dog Waterproof Coat (Amazon)

As the name suggests, Hefty Hounds specializes in accessories and dog clothes for Great Danes and other large breeds. The Hefty Hounds range includes vests, raincoats, safety jackets, tees and more.

Hefty Hounds dog coats are available up to a 3XL which measures 30” in length, 36″-42” around the chest and 24″-28” around the neck.

Shop the Hefty Hounds range via their website, or shop a small selection via Amazon.

12. Zack & Zoey

Image via Zack & Zoey feat. Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat

Another widely available, simple yet affordable Dane-friendly pet brand is Zack & Zoey. With many positive Amazon reviews from happy Great Dane parents, Zack & Zoey offer dog clothing and coats in sizes up to 2XL.

The 2XL size is recommended for giant breeds and features a back length of 30”, chest measurement of 37″-42” and neck measurement of 28″-30”.

Based on the reviews from Dane owners, the 2XL blanket coat tends to fit a broader variety of Danes vs. the 2XL basic hoodie which is more suited to Great Danes on the smaller side.

Shop the Zack & Zoey range via Amazon, Walmart, eBay and others.

13. Motley Mutt - Clothes for Great Danes

Established in 2007, Motley Mutt is an American online retailer specializing in practical, affordable dog gear and clothes for Great Danes and other large to giant dog breeds. Their range is extensive and covers everything from sweaters and coats to leg and neck warmers, dog tees, hoodies, and bandanas. Motley Mutt offer sizes for dogs up to 230+ lbs!

Shop the Motley Mutt range via their website.

14. Hurtta

Image via Hurtta feat. the Expedition Parka Winter Dog Coat, Avail. up to 32″ (Amazon)

Known for their functional, high-quality dog gear, Hurtta have been in the dog clothing business for over 20 years and offer an extensive range of wet weather and winter dog coats, and walking gear in a range of inclusive sizes.

For Danes, Hurtta sizing is available up to size 35″. 

Popular designs available in this size include Hurtta’s Summit Parka, Drizzle Coat, and Monsoon Coat.

Shop the full Hurtta range via their Amazon storefront, or website.

15. EzyDog

Image via EzyDog feat. the Element Jacket in Red (Amazon)

Finally, for a high-quality, durable, warm winter jacket that is windproof, waterproof and reflective, the Element jacket from EzyDog is a great option for dogs of all sizes and is available up to 2XL, which is perfect for Danes.

The Element coat in 2XL has a max. neck length of 35”, min. girth of 35” and back length of 31”, plus it features adjustable straps for a snug, yet comfortable fit.

Shop the EzyDog Element jacket via their website, Amazon, and others.

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Best Coats & Clothes for Great Danes: 15 Big Dog Brands to Know - incl. Voyagers K9 Apparel, Canada Pooch, Mila + Me, Gold Paw, GF Pet, Chilly Dog, WeatherBeeta and more!

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