Form AND Function – This Minimalist Dog Crate Has It All!

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Looking for a stylish yet practical, modern minimalist dog crate that ticks all the boxes? This post is for you! Introducing the oh-so-stylish signature Crate from Fable Pets, today’s post sponsor.

Image via Fable

A stylish Scandinavian-inspired modern minimalist dog crate and side table in one

Striking the perfect balance between form and function, the signature Crate from Fable not only functions as a safe and cozy home for your pup but also doubles as a sleek and modern side table too.

With its modern modular design, this minimalist dog crate looks more like a piece of bespoke Danish furniture than a doggy jail cell!

It’s all in the details

Handcrafted from premium bentwood with your choice of white metal or clear acrylic door, each individual Fable signature Crate is unique and features plenty of air holes to optimize fresh air flow to your pooch whilst providing a calming den-like environment for them to relax and recharge.

 Image via Fable feat. the Fable signature Crate in XS/S with acrylic gate

Image via Fable feat. the Fable signature Crate in M with white gate

Designed with purpose for the discerning dog parent

From its easy to assemble modular design, to its secure sliding door mechanism that allows the gate to store discreetly within the unit when it’s not in use, every detail of this minimalist dog crate has been designed with purpose, aesthetics, and functionality in mind.

Available in 2 sizes for pups up to 50 lbs, the Fable Crate is perfect for design-savvy pup parents looking to splurge on a statement piece of high-quality dog furniture that’s made to last (although it’s not recommended for dogs with severe chewing tendencies or skilled escape artists!).

Where to buy this minimalist dog crate

Shop the signature Crate via the Fable website from $395;

Fable Signature Crate

Available in XS/S and M sizes

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Similarly, for a dog bed that fits perfectly within the signature Crate, be sure to check out Fable’s crushed memory foam signature dog Bed (available in 5 modern colors, and 3 sizes), and save an additional $15 when purchasing the Crate and Bed together.

More about Fable

Founded in 2019 by NYC dog park regulars (and siblings), Sophie and Jeremy, Fable is a product innovation brand that solves real problems for pets and their humans.

With an emphasis on safety, quality, durability, and design, the Fable product range is expansive and covers everything from stylish dog walking gear and collars to enrichment feeders, aesthetic dog toys, comfy modern dog beds, crates, and more.

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