12 Gorgeous Gifts for New Puppy Parents

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time. It can also be a little overwhelming for new puppy parents – so many things to buy and think about, not to mention puppy-proofing!

Thankfully shopping for gifts for new puppy parents isn’t quite as daunting – it’s actually pretty dang fun! For some super cute puppy gift-giving ideas and inspiration, check out our guide below.

12 Gorgeous Gifts for New Puppy Parents

1. Puppy Teething Toys

12 Gorgeous Gifts for New Puppy Parents, puppy chewing bone

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For anyone that has owned a puppy before, you know that they are chewers! 

They love to explore with their mouths, and usually leave a trail of destruction in their path. They don’t do it deliberately though, it’s usually just a result of the teething process. 

Like babies, when pup’s adult teeth start to come through they experience discomfort in their mouths, and chewing helps to alleviate some of the pressure, making teething toys a great puppy gift!

2. Puppy Treats for Tiny Teeth

Puppies are smart, and whilst they don’t have the longest attention spans, they do learn pretty quickly, especially when you start training them from a young age.

Treats are a great motivator for rewards-based learning, so why not pick up some tiny puppy treats for the new puppy parents in your life?

3. Personalized Bowls / Treat Jars

I must say, custom food bowls are pretty fancy! Super cute and super thoughtful. What new puppy parent wouldn’t like to receive a gorgeous set of custom bowls like the ones above?

Pup doesn’t have a name yet? No worries. Why not pick up a cute treat canister for the new puppy parents instead? Don’t forget to include some treats!

4. Puppy Grooming Kit

12 Gorgeous Gifts for New Puppy Parents, puppy bath, dog bath, wet dog

When you first get a puppy, grooming is not necessarily one of the first things you think about. That’s why putting together a puppy grooming kit for the new puppy parents makes for a great gift! 

You could include items such as puppy shampoo and conditioner, nail clippers, a brush, puppy toothbrush (and toothpaste) and even some puppy cologne. Believe me, they’ll be using it sooner than you think – puppies are extremely mucky creatures!

5. Puppy Training Pads

This one is basically a necessity when you have young pups!

6. Puppy Snuggle Toys

12 Gorgeous Gifts for New Puppy Parents, puppy snuggle toy

Ever heard of a puppy pile? No? You should totally look them up – they are the most adorable thing you’ll ever see! You see, when pups are young and still with their litter mates, they literally pile on top of one another for sleeps and snuggles. 

They do it for warmth, safety and security. When pups go to their forever homes they no longer have their litter mates to snuggle with which is why it is important to provide them with puppy snuggle toys… whilst it’s not quite the same as snuggles from your bros and sisters, it sure does help with the transition.

7. Puppy/Dog Subscription Box or Gift Box

Doggy subscription boxes are gifts that keep on giving! Literally. Well, for the length of the subscription anyway! Each month the recipient receives a doggy gift box with a selection of cute toys and doggy treats.

Above image via Bark Box

Depending on the service you pick, they are usually highly customizable too. Services such as BarkBox even have a different theme for each month. With BarkBox, you can opt for a 1-off gift box, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription. 

Some other cute pre-packaged gift box options for pups include;

8. Puppy Books – Training Guides, Breed Books

Puppy training books, breed guides and dog health and wellness books also make great gifts for new puppy parents. Check these out for starters;

9. Puppy Snuggle Blanket

Pups love their blankies. They offer warmth and security. You know when your pup loves their blankie because they’ll carry it around everywhere with them. How cute are these adorable options?!

10. Treat Dispensing Dog Camera

If you want to go all out and splurge on a super cool techie gift for your puppy parent pals, why not treat them to a treat dispensing dog camera? Seriously cool if you ask us! What new (or old!) dog parent doesn’t want to be able to spy on their pups when they are out of the house?

Some dog monitoring apps even allow you to add friends and family to the account so you can spy on them too, win-win! Furbo and Petcube Bites 2 are some popular options. You can check out our comparison review for both cameras on the link below.

11. Pet First Aid Kit

Gifts for New Puppy Parents  - feat.  Pet First Aid Kit for Dog Cat, 88 Piece Emergency Survival Bag for Pets, Animals, Perfect for Home Outdoor Hiking Camping Emergencies, Pet Friendly

Another item new puppy owners might not think to pick up immediately is a pet first aid kit. A practical and thoughtful gift for new puppy parents.

12. Puppy Growth Journal

Finally, pups grow up suuuuuper fast, like insanely fast, blink and you miss it kind of fast. What better way to document their puppyhood than with a puppy growth journal?! A lovely keepsake that they can look back on whenever they feel like reminiscing.

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