31 Awesome Gifts for The Dog Walker in Your Life

Dog walkers are a blessing for many. They offer an invaluable service for those that lead busy lives as well as those that may not be physically able to get out and about. Our furry companions benefit too! Not only does a visit from the dog walker break up their day, it also provides a valueable opportunity for socialization and exercise! 

So, in appreciation of these lovely souls, today we’ve put together a list of 31 awesome gifts for the dog walker in your life!

31 Awesome Gifts for The Dog Walker in Your Life

Photo by Matt Nelson via Unsplash

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Cute Dog Walker Merchanise

Dog walkers love all breeds right? So why not spoil them with a cute dog breed tote like this one from Cost Plus World Market? Perhaps you could fill it with some tasty treats and a bottle of something nice 😉

These cute dog walker mugs sum-up the job pretty well don’t you think?!

Funny Dog Walker Gifts

Funny and RELATABLE!!! I think anyone that has a dog (or walks dogs for a living!) would get a kick out of this adorable pin! “I got 99 poo bags and I can’t find 1”. Hilarious!

I must admit, I had a good chuckle when I saw these cute dog books at Target too!

Rest and Relaxation Gifts

Let’s face it, dog walking isnt exactly glamorous… sometimes it can be down-right dirty, especially in winter time! What better way to wash the day’s dirt away than with this super-cute Dog Walkers Revival Kit from Etsy store, Sweet William London?

Books for Dog Walkers

How about some entertaining (yet relatable!) light reading for the dog walker in your life? Gone Walkabout by Michael Brandow and The Dog Walker by Joshua Stephens are both available on Amazon, and pay homage to the profession whilst giving the rest of us a funny yet insightful look at their day-to-day lives and encounters.

Picture books more your thing? How about giving the gift of a beautiful dog themed coffee table book? Check out 18 popular dog coffee table book options right here!

Doggy Themed Cards and Gift Wrap

Can’t forget the doggy themed card and wrapping paper!

If you want to step-up your game in the personalization department, you could opt for a custom dog card or breed specific option from Etsy! There are loads of beautiful options to choose from.

Doggy Decor and Homeware Gifts

Thoughtful doggy decor and homeware items always make for great gifts for doggy loving friends.

Doggy Planners and Stationery

How about some lovely dog-themed stationery or a planner for your dog walking buddy? Dog Walkers gotta make appointments right?! 😉

Dog Walker Trinkets

These sweet gifts are sure to make your dog walker smile.

Practical Dog Walking Gifts

And finally, what would a dog walker gift ideas round-up be without some practical on-the-job gifting inspiration?!

The Big Walky products pictured above from Bark were specifically designed with dog walking in mind! Or how about a handy dog travel drink bottle or some tasty treats for their lucky clients, I’m sure they go through lots of those in a day!

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