9 Genius Halloween Costumes for Goldendoodles

We’re back again with another Halloween themed doggy costume installment! In case you missed our previous two doggy Halloween costume posts, you can check them out here (for Frenchies) and here (for big doggos). Today we’ve rounded up a selection of 9 genius Halloween costumes for Goldendoodles!

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1. Chewbacca/ Wookiee/ Ewok

If you’re a Star Wars fan, the obvious 1st choice for Goldendoodle Halloween costumes is Wookiees of course! 

With very little effort you can turn your furry ‘doodle dog into Chewbacca! The cutie pictured below is a dead-ringer don’t you think?! You could easily DIY a Wookiee sash/bandolier yourself or check-out Chic And Geeks on Etsy for a beautiful handmade alternative.

And for the Mini-Goldendoodles, how about these cute little Ewok costumes!

2. Teddy Bear/Fozzie Bear/Paddington Bear

More easy Halloween costumes for Goldendoodles … because let’s face it, they already look them… teddy bears! Or any fuzzy bear character for that matter! Just chuck a pair of bear ears on them and you’re good to go!

There are tonnes of kids teddy bear hood options to choose from on Amazon (that would be perfectly fine for puppers), or you could opt for a doggy snood or teddy bear costume like those pictured below. 

IMAGE: via @oliverthegoldendoodle on Instagram

How cute is Insta-star, Oliver the Goldendoodle in his teddy bear headpiece btw! Definitely check out his Insta for more awesome Goldendoodle Halloween costume inspiration when you’re done with this post!

Grizzly Bear Dog Snood

via Etsy/ZooSnoods

Rubie’s Infant Bear Jumpsuit Costume

Yep, it’s a baby costume but you could totally use the cute headpiece on your pup!
via Amazon

IMAGE: via @oliverthegoldendoodle on Instagram

How cute is Oliver as Fozzie Bear?! You can find a similar Fozzie style hat and scarf on Etsy, here, by Fierce Pet Fashion.

Paddington Bear Inspired
Red Cap + Blue Duffle Coat

Image and costume via Etsy/MonsieurLenny

How sweet is this little Paddington Bear?! Check out Etsy shop, Monsieur Lenny for the cute coat and hat.

3. Garth from Wayne's World

“We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!” This ‘doodle dog is simply too cool for school in his Wayne’s World inspired Garth costume! Loving the rocker mullet and hipster specs. Party on!

IMAGE: via Reddit – u/bigcityornot

4. Alf the Alien

The below pic of Oliver the Goldendoodle on Insta was too cute not to include! Dead-ringer for Alf the Alien don’t you think?!

IMAGE: via @oliverthegoldendoodle on Instagram

5. Colonel Sanders

And another pic of Oliver the Goldendoodle … because he’s the King of Goldendoodle Halloween costumes in our opinion!

IMAGE: via @oliverthegoldendoodle on Instagram

6. Lion

An oldie but a goldie… the doggy lion costume! Grow out your ‘doodle’s mane for Halloween or opt for a store-bought lion headpiece 😉

IMAGE: via The Telegraph featuring Labradoodle, ‘Charles the Monarch

7, 8, 9. Dr. Doodle Dog/Tigger/Dapper Doodle

And some more cute doggy Doodle costumes, because, why not?!

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9 Genius Halloween Costumes for Goldendoodles

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