12 Best Hide and Seek Toys for Dogs

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Dogs are naturally inquisitive by nature and absolutely looooove to use their noses (they have up to 300 MILLION olfactory receptors in their noses afterall!). So what better way to indulge these senses than with a good old fashioned game of hide and seek?! 

Benefits of Hide and Seek Toys for Dogs

Hide and seek toys for dogs are great because they encourage and promote natural behaviors like sniffing and play in a safe, controlled, and appropriate setting. They also help to reduce anxious tension and build self-confidence by way of problem solving skill development and mental stimulation, not to mention, they’re super fun too!

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Lucky for us (and our dogs!), there are loads of fun hide and seek toys for dogs on the market today.

From plushie hide and seek toys to interactive brain games, in a range of sizes and difficultly levels, there’s something to suit just about a everydoggy!

Check out our top 12 picks for doggy hide and seek toys below.

12 Best Hide and Seek Toys for Dogs

Trixie Activity Flip Board
Bulltug Trash N’ Seek Dog Toy
Tornado Puzzle Game Toy
Zippy Paws Milk and Cookies
Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel
Frisco Hide and Seek Volcano
Zippy Paws Coffee and Donutz
Outward Hound Puzzle Game
Zippy Paws Woodland Friends Burrow
Trixie Activity Poker Box
Bulltug Peek N’ Seek Dog Toy
Flying Saucer Puzzle Toy

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12 Best Hide and Seek Toys for Dogs - interactive dog toys, puzzle games, canine enrichment toys, plushies and brain games.

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