Doggy Bathroom: Modern Indoor Dog Potty with Walls

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Are you looking for a sleek yet practical modern indoor dog potty with walls for your pint-sized pooch that’s stylish, too? Introducing the Doggy Bathroom – quite possibly the best modern indoor dog potty with walls around!

Meet Doggy Bathroom: A Modern Indoor Dog Potty with Walls (Image via Doggy Bathroom)

Image via Doggy Bathroom

A stylish yet practical indoor dog potty with walls that keeps doggy mess contained and is a breeze to clean

Designed to make life with pets just that little bit easier and cleaner, the Doggy Bathroom is an indoor litter box for dogs that keeps your floor and walls protected when nature calls.

Made from high-quality recycled plastic, Doggy Bathroom features an innovative vertical pee pad attachment system making it perfect for leg-lifting male dogs and squatters alike. It also features a non-slip rubberized base to keep it perfectly in place whilst in use.

Video via Doggy Bathroom (YouTube)

The Doggy Bathroom can be used with almost any brand of puppy pee pad, however their custom pee pads are hard to beat!

In addition to offering your pup privacy at potty time, Doggy Bathroom is also a cinch to use and clean. Simply lay one pee pad down on the bottom of the tray and attach pee pads vertically to the side walls using the adhesive strips and snap-in rail system provided.

Video via Doggy Bathroom (YouTube)

To clean the Doggy Bathroom, simply remove the pads and wipe it down with a cleaning cloth and solution, alternatively, you can spray it down outside.

While the Doggy Bathroom can be used with almost any brand of pee pad, DoggyBathroom’s custom Pee Pads are hard to beat, and come with adhesive strips and a special embedded scent that attracts dogs to use them. Not only that, but they also contain baking soda to assist with odor control and are made from biodegradable materials.

DoggyBathroom Pee Pads are also available via subscription delivery, so you never need to worry about running out again!

Which dogs can use the Doggy Bathroom indoor dog potty with walls?

Image via Doggy Bathroom

The Doggy Bathroom has been designed for use by small dog breeds as an innovative indoor dog potty system when traditional outdoor toileting isn’t an option. It can be used with or without walls depending on your pup’s toileting habits and is suitable for use by both male and female dogs. 

Where to buy the Doggy Bathroom indoor dog potty with walls

Doggy Bathroom is available via Amazon, or direct from the brand and comes in 4 stylish colors;

Doggy Bathroom indoor dog potty with walls via DoggyBathroom

More about DoggyBathroom

Doggy Bathroom officially launched in June 2019 at the SuperZoo Expo in Las Vegas and subsequently won the Litter Box Product of the Year Award at the Pet Innovation Awards in 2021. DoggyBathroom is also a proud Grand Prix DU Design Award (2021) recipient.

The Doggy Bathroom is manufactured in Canada using raw materials sourced from the USA.

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