How to Keep the Dog Out of the Litter Box

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Like most things around our homes, dogs love getting their paws into things they shouldn’t! Whether it’s chewing your favourite pair of shoes or getting their furry faces into the cat food, they sure know how to get themselves into trouble. However, the biggest trouble our dogs can get themselves into all comes down to the litter box.

If your dog loves to sneak a snack or two from your cat’s litter box, then keep on reading! To help you stop this from happening, we’ve unpacked why it happens in the first place and what you can do to pet-proof your feline friend’s bathroom.

What’s the Scoop on Dogs Eating Cat Poop?

The truth is that, although we love our precious pooches, they’re natural scavengers. This means that they’ll take a sneaky snack wherever they can get them! As responsible pet owners, it’s our job to make sure that they stay healthy and only munch from the good stuff.

Unfortunately, your dog may not agree and may find that the litter box is their preferred source of nourishment. When it comes down to it, dogs love strong smells. This explains why they can’t keep their paws out of the garbage too! As gross as this may be to us, it’s completely natural behaviour.

However, just because it’s natural behaviour doesn’t mean that it’s healthy!

Dog in the cat litter box.

Image: Door Buddy.

Why is it Important to Dog-proof the Litter Box?

First and foremost, coming home to the cat litter and all its treasures sprawled out is far from ideal. Pet owners of both cats and dogs may love their furry friends but dealing with this kind of mess is not for the faint-hearted. Keeping a clean home can be enough of a reason to dog-proof the litter box for most!

If your pooch is a clean eater and having to deal with the kitty Roca isn’t a concern, their general health and well-being may be. As you can imagine, cat poop is full of harmful bacteria and parasites. Even though your dog may not show immediate signs of infections, they can still carry diseases such as salmonella and pass it along to you.

Then there’s your cat. Imagine having someone invade your privacy and shake up your safe space – doesn’t seem pleasant, does it? Cats can be very territorial and having your dog ruin their privacy can cause some serious stress issues for them.

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Solving Your Pet-proofing Problems: Introducing the Door Buddy

Keeping the dog out of the litter box doesn’t have to be all stress and worry! The good news is that there is a simple, inexpensive solution perfectly suited to this very problem: Door Buddy.

Door Buddy is an adjustable door strap that answers all of your pet-proofing needs. This adjustable door strap allows cats and owners to quickly enter rooms with the kitty litter and cat food while keeping the dog out. 

Instead of opting for expensive pet gates or complicated cat door installations, your dog’s health and your cat’s sanity can be restored in seconds!

Image: Door Buddy.

Let’s not forget, dogs can be sneaky too! Even with a sturdy pet gate or cat door, it seems that our fur-kids still manage to get their paws dirty. With the Door Buddy, there’s no jumping over barriers or clawing through doors. Your doggo remains exactly where they’re meant to be – safely away from your cat’s safe space and no-go zones!

To install your Door Buddy, all you need to do is peel, stick, and let it cure. The strap sticks to your door and door frame with the use of adhesives where the width can be easily adjusted to suit the size of your cat. The goal is to have the strap wide enough to let your cat in but still narrow enough to stop your dog.

For us hoomans, you can enter and exit rooms with the use of a simple latch. This can be done with one hand too – a lifesaver when you’ve got your hands full with washing or groceries!

The Door Buddy is available in 2 different product packs. You can choose from the single door strap or the combo product which includes the strap and a door stopper. The door stopper is a great addition to keeping your pets safe by preventing doors from slamming and pinching tails or locking your pets in rooms.

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