Camera Gear We Use

We recently upgraded to the Nikon D7500 from our old Nikon D3200… we’re still learning how to use it but already love it!

Our favourite lens hands-down! The 55-200mm Nikon lens is very versatile and takes beautiful photos from quite close (from about 1.5m away) to quite a long distance away (about 25m).

This 18-55mm Nikon lens came with the D3200 when we first purchased it. We don’t reach for it much these days but is great for close-ups (when we can’t use the 55-200mm).

We recently picked up a 80-400mm telescopic Nikon lens 2nd hand (they are ridiculously expensive new!) – we love it for wildlife shots, although it is very big! We’re still getting used to this one 😉

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