Fave Grooming Tools

Best clippers ever!
We use the Andis Pro-Clip AGC 2-speed  to clip Ollie all over, and for tidy-ups under Django’s arms.

We love the Mars Coat King for the boys’ ears and for removing loose hair – it is amazing how much floof comes out using this! A definite must for spaniel owners.

Django has a totally different coat to Ollie, his is short and flat on top and constantly shedding. 

We find that a rubber brush like the Zoom Groom is great for catching a lot of the loose hairs before they end up on the floor!

Spaniels are notorious for ear problems! We use Epi-Otic to keep the boys’ ears’ clean. We’ve written a post about our ear cleaning and maintenance regime on our blog. If you’d like to check it out, it is linked below 😉

5 Tips for Preventing Ear Infections in Dogs (Advice from a Spaniel Owner!)

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