Pasta Pooches: 60 Cute Pasta Names for Dogs

If you’re on the hunt for a name as unique and lovable as your new furry friend, why not turn to your favorite Italian dishes for inspiration? Naming our dogs is a task filled with love, humor, and a dash of creativity, and what could be more fun than combining our love for pasta with our affection for our pets?! To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve curated a list of 60 potential pasta names for dogs that we think sound simply delicious!

From Meatball, Basil, Noodle, and Penne to Gnocchi, Olive, Orzo, and more, check out 60 cute pasta (and pasta-inspired!) names for dogs, right here!

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Why Pasta Names?

Pasta comes in all shapes, sizes, and textures, much like our furry friends. The vast array of pasta names offers a treasure trove of inspiration for dog names that are both unique and endearing.

Whether your dog is as curly as Fusilli or as cheerful as Macaroni, there’s a pasta name out there that’s a perfect match for their appearance or personality.

60 Pasta Names for Dogs with Meanings

From Meatball, Basil, Noodle, and Penne to Gnocchi, Olive, Orzo, and more, check out 60 cute pasta (and pasta-inspired!) names for dogs below;

  1. Alfredo – A rich and creamy name for a dog who brings luxury and comfort into your life.
  2. Anelli – For the small, lovable dog with a circular nature, reminiscent of this ring-shaped pasta.
  3. Basil – For a fresh and lively dog, invoking the key ingredient of pesto that brings a burst of flavor.
  4. Bolognese (Bolo for short) – For a dog with a complex personality, as hearty and satisfying as the meat-based sauce.
  5. Bruschetta – For the dog that’s a bit of a social butterfly, reminiscent of the popular appetizer.
  6. Bucatini – For the dog with a hollow, goofy side, fun, and a bit unpredictable.
  7. Cannelloni – For the larger dog, perhaps a gentle giant with a big heart.
  8. Capellini – For the delicately built dog, fine and dainty.
  9. Cappelletti – Perfect for a dog with an elegant demeanor, named after the “little hat” shaped pasta, suitable for a dog that carries themselves with a certain flair.
  10. Carbonara – A fitting name for a dog with a silky, smooth coat or a comforting presence, reminiscent of the creamy pasta dish.
  11. Cavatelli – A great name for a dog that loves to be by your side, mimicking the pasta’s small, hollow shape.
  12. Chili – Perfect for a spicy, spirited dog with a fiery personality.
  13. Chitarra – Named after the guitar-string-cut pasta, perfect for a dog with a musical or rhythmic bark.
  14. Conchiglie – For the dog that loves to curl up, mimicking the shape of shell pasta.
  15. Ditalini – A fun name for a tiny, energetic dog, inspired by the small pasta shapes.
  16. Farfalle – Perfect for a playful, whimsical dog with a butterfly-like spirit.
  17. Farfallini – For a tiny dog with a fluttering, butterfly-like energy, inspired by the small bow-tie-shaped pasta.
  18. Fettuccine – For dogs with a broad, muscular build, strong and sturdy.
  19. Fideo – A cute name for a small, wiry dog, inspired by the thin noodle used in Spanish and Mexican cuisine.
  20. Fiorelli – Perfect for a beautiful, delicate dog that resembles the flower-shaped pasta.
  21. Fusilli – Perfect for dogs with curly fur, embodying the pasta’s spiral shape.
  22. Gigli – For a dog that’s as joyful and playful as the lily-shaped pasta suggests.
  23. Gnocchi – For the small, plump dog with a soft exterior.
  24. Grissini – A slender, stick-like dog could carry the name of these Italian breadsticks with pride, a cute Dachshund perhaps?!
  25. Lasagna – For dogs with layered personalities, complex but deeply lovable.
  26. Linguini – Suits a dog with long, elegant lines, perhaps a Greyhound or Whippet.
  27. Lumache – Perfect for a dog that reminds you of a little snail, either because of their shape or because they love to take their time.
  28. Macaroni – Ideal for the happy-go-lucky dog with a bouncy personality.
  29. Manicotti – For the dog that’s easy to fill up with love, warm and comforting.
  30. Marinara – For a dog with a sunny disposition, as bright and cheerful as the tomato-based sauce.
  31. Meatball – Perfect for a round, cuddly dog who is as comforting and hearty as this beloved pasta topping.
  32. Mozzarella (Mozzy for short) – For a dog with a soft, fluffy coat, as irresistible as the cheese.
  33. Noodle – A versatile name that suits any dog, from ‘long dogs’, to the laid-back and lively.
  34. Olive – For a dog that adds a bit of zest to your life, named after a common garnish or ingredient in pasta dishes.
  35. Orzo – For the tiny, adorable dog that’s small but full of personality.
  36. Paccheri – For the big-hearted dog with a loud bark that echoes.
  37. Pappardelle – Ideal for a dog with a wide, waggly walk, much like the broad, flat noodle.
  38. Parmesan (Parm for short) – For a dog that adds the perfect finishing touch to your life, much like the cheese that completes any pasta dish.
  39. Penne – A sharp name for the intelligent and alert dog.
  40. Pesto – Ideal for a dog with a vibrant personality that adds a unique twist to every day.
  41. Pici – For the dog with a simple yet profound presence, much like this thick, hand-rolled pasta.
  42. Prosciutto – A sophisticated yet funny name for a dog with a sleek, thin appearance.
  43. Quadretti – For a dog with a square, sturdy build, inspired by the small, square-shaped pasta.
  44. Ragu – Perfect for a robust, strong dog, named after the hearty, meaty sauce.
  45. Ramen – Perfect for a dog with a curly coat or one who has a warm, comforting presence.
  46. Ravioli – For a dog with a soft, fluffy coat, reminiscent of stuffed pasta.
  47. Ricotta – For a sweet, gentle dog, reminiscent of the soft, fresh cheese often used in pasta fillings.
  48. Rigatoni – For the robust dog with a strong presence.
  49. Rosé – For a dog that strikes the perfect balance, just as Rosé sauce blends tomato and cream.
  50. Rotini – For the energetic dog who loves to chase their tail.
  51. Sagnarelli – Ideal for a dog with a distinctive coat, mirroring the ridged texture of this pasta.
  52. Sauce – A versatile name for a dog that brings together all the best parts of your life, much like a sauce that binds the pasta.
  53. Spaghetti – For the slim and energetic dog that loves to run and play.
  54. Spirali – For a dog that loves to chase their tail or spin in circles, named after spiral-shaped noodles.
  55. Tortellini – For the dog that’s full of surprises, just like the filling hidden inside.
  56. Trofie – Ideal for a playful, spirited dog that loves to twist and turn in joy.
  57. Truffle – Ideal for a rare and valuable dog, much like the prized ingredient.
  58. Vermicelli – For a slender, delicate dog, echoing the thin, long rice noodles.
  59. Ziti – For the dog that’s straight and true, a loyal companion through and through.
  60. Zoodle – Perfect for a lively, energetic dog, named after noodles made from zucchini.

How to Choose the Perfect Pasta Name

Choosing the perfect pasta name for your dog involves observing their quirks, appearance, and the essence of their personality. Consider the way they move, their distinctive physical features, and their unique character traits. A name should be fun to say and one that your dog responds to, creating a special bond between you and your pet. Involve your family and friends in the naming process; after all, it takes a village to name a pasta pooch!

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From Meatball, Basil, Noodle, and Penne to Gnocchi, Olive, Orzo, and more, check out 60 cute pasta (and pasta-inspired!) names for dogs, right here!