Who doesn’t love a nice gallery wall?! They can add so much interest to an otherwise blank space – they’re so personal too. I especially love the look of a well thought out Scandinavian gallery wall with its bold, contrasting colors (lots of black and white) and its deliberately informal arrangement, yet you know its been oh so carefully curated!

Common elements include monochrome prints, line illustrations, bold black frames (with some natural wood and white frames thrown in for balance), pop-art pieces, vintage inspired scientific illustrations, minimal botanical prints, location maps, typographical prints, Scandi-style clocks and mirrors – just to name a few.

Re-create the Scandinavian Gallery Wall look at home:

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The below Scandi-style prints can all be found online at and come in a range of styles, sizes and frame types – all super affordable too! Most of Society6‘s prints are available in a range of different formats as well, from traditional posters and framed prints to wall tapestries, wall murals, printed cushions and even shower curtains – the options are truly endless and there really is something to suit every budget.

RE-CREATE THE LOOK: 12 SCANDINAVIAN GALLERY WALL IDEAS YOU'LL LOVE - Hey, Djangles. - Scandi-style, Scandinavian Wall Decor, Scandinavian decor.Shop Society6 Wall Art:

1. The Missing Letter Alphabet B&W Framed Art Print 2. Marianna Framed Art Print 3. New York City White Map Framed Art Print 4. Cat Wall Clock 5. Boobs Framed Art Print 6. Ampersand Framed Art Print 7. La Lune Full Moon Framed Art Print 8. Virginia Framed Art Print 9. The Mound II Framed Art Print 10. Bowie Tribute Framed Art Print 11.Dragonfly Framed Art Print 12. Hold On Poster

*Product images not shown to scale, please check measurements if you intend to purchase.

1. Instagram @kronfoto | 2. Instagram @stykedbyemmahos, photo: @fotografalencordic/@bjurfors_goteborg
3. Instagram @by_ingelaberg, photo: @fotografjonasberg | 4. Instagram @madebyintro | 5. Instagram @madebyintro
6. Fantastic Frank | 7. Instagram @madebyintro | 8. Instagram @scandinavianhomes
9. Instagram @scandinavianhomes | 10. Instagram @madebyintro
11. Instagram @kronfoto | 12. Instagram @henriknero

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