Stylish Weighted Dog Bowls for Big and Little Dogs

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Got a dog that likes to tip their bowl over all the time? This post is for you! Today we’ve rounded-up an awesome selection of stylish weighted dog bowls for your viewing pleasure! For both big and little dogs, from stoneware solutions to concrete and weighted ceramic bowls, these heavyweight pet bowl options are sure to make meal and drink time a heck of a lot cleaner!

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Stylish Weighted Dog Bowls

Above: Modern Ceramic Fable Pet Bowl in ‘Rose Dust’ – via Nordstrom.

Waggo Ceramic Dog Bowl (multiple colors) available from Amazon.

Above: The Lulu Bird Dog Bowl by TheLuluBird via Etsy.

Above: ‘Archie’ Marble Pet Bowl available from Made.

Above: Ceramic Dog Bowls available from Orvis.

Above: Custom Ceramic Heavyweight Dog Bowls from ShouldWeGo via Etsy.

Won-Ton Bowl Concrete Pet Bowl from CozyAndDozy via Etsy.

Custom Concrete Dog Bowl by ArtistryDirect via Etsy.

Above: Terrazzo Print Ceramic Dog Bowl by ShouldWeGo on Etsy.

Jiayeew Ceramic Pet Bowl (multiple colors available) via Amazon.

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