10+ Snuggly Sweaters and Hoodies Perfect for Great Danes

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Looking for cozy sweater options for your giant breed pooch? We got you! From cozy fleece hoodies and comfy cable knits in big-dog-friendly sizes, check out 10+ snuggly sweaters and hoodies perfect for Great Danes and other giant breeds below!

10+ Snuggly Sweaters and Hoodies Perfect for Great Danes (and Other Giant Breeds!)

1. Marcoola Desiger Dog Sweater (Mila + Me)

‘Marcoola’ Designer Dog Sweater via Mila + Me (Etsy)

2. Gondola Base Layer for Dogs (GF Pet)

Gondola Base Layer for Dogs
via GF Pet (up to size 4XL)

3. Daydreamer Hoodie (Bois the Label)

Daydreamer Hoodie 
via Bois the Label (custom size)

Image via @gracefuldanes

Bois the Label offers a huge range of high-quality hoodies, shirts, and sweaters in custom sizes to suit giant breeds.

4. Vail Dog Sweater (Chilly Dog)

 Navy Vail Dog Sweater 
via Chilly Dog

Chilly Dog sweaters are available up to a size 3XL and suit dogs up to 120 lbs. Shop the full range via Chilly Dog direct, or via major retailers like Chewy, Amazon, and Walmart.

5. Chalet Dog Sweater (GF Pet)

Chalet Dog Sweater via GF Pet

GF Pet stocks a huge range of snuggly sweaters for large breeds in sizes up to 4XL, they even offer a limited selection of ‘online exclusives‘ in size 5XL! (Pictured below).

Chalet Dog Sweater in Pink via GF Pet (up to 5XL)

Chalet Dog Sweater in Grey via GF Pet (up to 5XL)

6. DanesNStyle Great Dane Sweater

DanesNStyle Great Dane Sweater via DanesNStyle (Etsy)
Multiple patterns to choose from

7. Great Dane Sketch Sweatshirt (DanesNStyle)

Great Dane Sketch Sweatshirt via DanesNStyle (Etsy)

8. Saved By The Bois Hoodie (Bois The Label)

9. Pupperwear Great Dane Hoodie

Pupperwear 5XL Great Dane Hoodie via Pupperwear (Etsy)

10. Brisbane Designer Dog Sweater (Mila + Me)

11. Sunshine Hoodie (Bois The Label)

Sunshine Hoodie (custom size)
via Bois the Label

12. DanesNStyle Great Dane Hoodie

DanesNStyle Great Dane Hoodie via DanesNStyle (Etsy)
Multiple colors and patterns are available

13. EdelundSchnell Great Dane Jumper

EdelundSchnell Great Dane Jumper via EdelundSchnell (Etsy)
Many colors are available

14. ARUNNERS Large Breed Hoodies and Sweaters

Sweaters and Hoodies for Great Danes - feat. ARUNNERS Extra Large Dog Clothes Hoodies Zip Up Sweaters for Big Dogs Great Dane Caucasian Sheepdog Blue 9XL

ARUNNERS Large Breed Dog Hoodie via Amazon
(4 colors available)

Sweaters and Hoodies for Great Danes - feat. ARUNNERS Extra Large Dog Sweaters Warm Clothes Pullover Sweatshirts for Labrador Rottweiler Great Dane, Blue Grey, 9X-Large

ARUNNERS Large Breed Dog Sweater via Amazon
(3 colors available)