25+ Rattan and Wicker Dog Beds and Baskets You’ll Love

Rattan and wicker dog beds and baskets… there’s something just so luxurious about them.  Not only do they look like real furniture (so they’re easy on the eye), they’re also practical in terms durability and ease of cleaning. 

Often handmade and more environmentally friendly than plastic pet beds, wicker dog beds and baskets offer a classy yet comfy sleeping spot for your pooch. Check-out some of our faves below!

Above: Wicker Dog Bed in Coastal Blue via Serena and Lily

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Rattan and Wicker Dog Beds and Baskets

Above:  MiaCara Mio Dog Basket via 2Modern

The Mio Dog Basket (above) by MiaCara offers a contemporary twist on the classic wicker dog bed, with its chic curves and modern design, the Mio is available in multiple colors and sizes.

Woven Dog Basket
via Zuri Rose Co (Etsy)

Above: Handmade Rattan Dog Bed via Zuri Rose & Co (Etsy)

For those seeking a modern Bohemian flair, Zuri Rose & Co on Etsy showcases an elegant collection of pet beds, featuring both woven and rattan designs. These stylish options cater perfectly to both dogs and cats, blending contemporary elegance with a touch of boho-chic.

Above: Kaira Oval Rattan Pet Bed
via Picnic Imports (Etsy)

Above: The Licker Store Curvy Classic Handwoven Rattan Dog Bed via Target

(Or this alternative via Wayfair)

Above: Mainly Baskets Handwoven Rattan Dog Bed via Kathy Kuo Home

Above: Rattan Woven Pet Bed via Grandma Weaving (Etsy)

Perfect for small to medium-sized dog breeds, this cute rattan pet bed from Grandma Weaving (above), is available via Etsy, and is a fusion of style and comfort. This chic bed is accompanied by a luxurious cotton mat too, ensuring that it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly cozy for your furry friend!

Above: Natural Rattan Pet Kennel via Grandma Weaving (Etsy)

Above: Rattan Dog Bed via LoveBossPetShop Store (Etsy)

Above: Extra Large Rattan Sunrise Pet Bed via Picnic Imports (Etsy)

Above: Mermaid Rattan Pet Bed
via Picnic Imports (Etsy)

Above: Wicker Dog Bed in Navy via Serena and Lily

Above: Canopy Dog Bed via Pottery Barn

Above: Huntington Wicker Woven Pet Bed Base via Pottery Barn

Above: Wicker Willow Pet Bed via Tobacco World UA (Etsy)

Above: Handmade Pet Bed via Inspired Africa 1 (Etsy)

Even More Rattan and Wicker Dog Beds

Oval Wicker Dog Bed
via WillowSouvenir (Etsy)

Rattan Dog House
via LoveBossPetShop Store (Etsy)

Small Natural Pet Basket
via RukodelkinLena (Etsy)