Honest Wild One Harness Review: Is It Worth It?

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Known for their stylish pet essentials and design-forward aesthetic, Wild One has been a trendsetter in the pet lifestyle niche for several years now. Their range is a kaleidoscope of bold colors and coordinating accessories, spanning everything from chic dog collars and leashes to fashionable pet carriers, harnesses, aesthetic dog toys, yummy treats, grooming must-haves, and even stylish pet bowls. 

In today’s post, we’re exploring their iconic harness. We’ll dissect what we loved, what didn’t quite hit the mark (for us), and ultimately, whether we think this fancy piece of dog gear is a worthwhile investment for your furry friend. Without further ado, check out our honest Wild One harness review below!

Wild One Harness Review - Picture of Wild One harness and leash in Navy

Full disclosure: We’re a Wild One affiliate, however, we purchased these products with our own money. This means our insights are unbiased – all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are our own!

Meet Our Product Testers – Ollie and Django

Our resident pups, Ollie (black) and Django (gold) put the Wild One harness to the test. Both are large English Cocker Spaniel dogs (measurements below for reference). 

Wild One Harness Review - 2 English Cocker Spaniels pictured wearing a Wild One harness in size medium and color navy (Image: Hey, Djangles.)

Ollie’s measurements (left); Neck 39.5cm, Chest 63cm
Django’s measurements (right); Neck 40cm, Chest 67.5cm

Based on our pups’ measurements, and the sizing chart on Wild One’s website, we ordered a size MEDIUM harness in the color navy to try.

As the color we chose was part of the original/classic color range, it did NOT have a neck buckle (this is important to note, as the new harness colors feature a neck buckle and have a slightly different sizing chart vs. the classic color range).

Our Honest Wild One Harness Review

Now you’ve met our harness testers, check out our honest Wild One harness review below;

What We Liked About the Wild One Harness

1. Comfortable, lightweight design

The Wild One harness features woven nylon straps for longevity and a soft, stretchy poly/neoprene base for the chest and back plates, making it both lightweight and comfortable for our pups to wear. 

The design also addresses common issues like rubbing and matting in furry dogs (like ours), with no such problems observed. 

Freedom of movement during everyday activities was also excellent. 

Additionally, the harness has slight padding in the chest and back plates, offering extra comfort without being stiff or bulky, making it a well-rounded choice for many dog owners.

2. Multiple leash attachment points

Wild One Harness Review - Black English Cocker Spaniel wearing a size medium Wild One harness in Navy, with Navy Wild One leash (Image: Hey, Djangles.)

The Wild One harness is designed with three leash attachment points, catering to different walking styles. It offers two points on the back (pictured above), ideal for dogs like ours who walk well on a leash, providing a comfortable and controlled experience.

For those with dogs that tend to pull, the harness also features a front attachment point, recommended by Wild One for enhanced control. This thoughtful design allows for adaptability based on the specific needs of both dog and owner, ensuring a comfortable walk regardless of your pup’s walking habits.

3. Quality hardware

Close-up view of Wild One harness clips and D-rings (Image: Hey, Djangles.)

We were impressed with the design details of Wild One’s harness, especially the coated carbon steel D-rings. Their color coordination with the harness adds a stylish touch, and we’re happy to report that we’ve encountered no signs of chipping or flaking so far (an issue we’ve encountered with other brands in the past). The D-rings also feel sturdy and durable. 

As for the quick-snap buckles and tri-glide slides, they might be plastic, but still give a sense of security. This combination of style and substance makes the harness not just a practical choice, but a visually appealing one too.

4. Adjustable straps

The Wild One harness offers adjustable straps around the chest and neck, a feature we found quite useful. However, we did encounter a slight issue with the length of the neck strap, which we’ll detail further below.

5. Stylish design and color coordinated accessories

For our harness, we chose the navy color and added a matching leash to complete the look. We were impressed with Wild One’s diverse color offerings in their harness range as well as the availability of complementing accessories in matching colors, ultimately enhancing the overall aesthetic and choice for pet owners.

Our Wild One leash review is coming soon!

What We Didn't Like About the Wild One Harness

1. Neck fit and taking off the harness

Although we meticulously measured our pups before ordering, and while the Wild One harness comes with adjustable straps, we did find the neck area a bit snug and somewhat challenging to put over the head and take off again, which was contrary to Wild One’s claim of “easy on and off”.

As you can see from our pups’ measurements above, both fall squarely within the medium-size range. However, even with the neck strap fully extended it still felt slightly tighter than desired for both dogs, even though there was some room to spare around the chest.

Knowing this, if we were to purchase a Wild One harness again in the future, we’d probably size up to a large instead.

Additionally, the harness tends to sit quite high on the neck, making it more suitable for use without a collar (which we weren’t that keen on).

Interestingly, the new Wild One harness colors now include an additional neck buckle for improved adjustability and ease of use. This option would have been preferable for us in terms of putting the harness on and taking it off (vs over the head). Unfortunately, at the time of our purchase, this neck clip option was not available in our preferred color. 

It’s also worth noting that the Wild One harness is only offered up to a size large, so extra large or large and stocky dogs may not be able to find a suitable fit.

2. No grab handle

While this is purely a matter of personal preference, we tend to favor harnesses equipped with a back grab handle. As it’s especially helpful for assisting our senior pups when getting in and out of the car. Interestingly, the Wild One harness doesn’t include this feature, despite the back plate appearing long enough to accommodate one.

3. Price

In terms of dog harnesses, the Wild One harness comes with a relatively high price tag. While we managed to snag ours during the Black Friday sales, we can agree that it’s not the most budget-friendly option out there!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to splurge on a stylish dog harness that’s practical too, the Wild One harness with matching accessories is hard to beat. The vibrant colors are truly eye-catching, and the multiple leash attachment points add convenience to your walks. However, if you’ve had previous challenges with harness sizing or your pup falls into an unusual size category, be prepared for possible exchanges or returns, as Wild One’s sizing can be a bit tricky to get right. If it’s available in your preferred color, we highly recommend choosing a harness with a neck clip for easier on and off and an improved overall fit, too.

Where to Buy the Wild One Harness

We hope you found our Wild One harness review helpful! 

For more info or to try it out yourself, check out the links below, or visit the Wild One website directly.

Also available via Amazon, Chewy, Petco, and other retailers.

  • Available in XS, S, M, and L sizes
  • 9 classic colors and 3 limited edition colors to choose from
  • Includes a limited one-year warranty
  • International shipping is available