105 Zen Dog Names (with Meanings)

Are you looking for some super zen dog name inspiration for your new pup or doggo? Look no further! Check out 105 zen dog names (with meanings) below.

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105 Zen Dog Names (with Meanings)

  1. Agura – Japanese term for sitting cross-legged i.e. during meditation
  2. Amani – means “peace” in Swahili
  3. Amity means “friendship” or “friendly relations”
  4. Ananda – means “extreme happiness” in Hinduism/Buddhism/Jainism
  5. Ango – Japanese term for intense training of students of Zen Buddhism
  6. Anju – Hindu for “one who lives in heart”
  7. Ashi – Hindu for “smile”, “joy”, “laughter”, “blessing”
  8. Ashram – Hindu for religious or spiritual retreat
  9. Benji – meaning “son of the right hand”
  10. Benjiro – Japanese for “enjoy peace”
  11. Bhu – Sanskrit root word, “to be purified”
  12. Bliss – a state of perfect happiness
  13. Bodhi – Sanskrit for “to awaken”, “to understand”
  14. Bonzu – a Buddhist priest
  15. Bozu -“monk” in Japanese
  16. Buddha – means “enlightened one”
  17. Buji – Japanese for “safety, security, peace, quietness”
  18. Chakra – in Sanskrit means “wheel” and refers to energy points in the body
  19. Chandra – means the “moon” in Sanskrit
  20. Chit – Sanskrit term meaning “pure consciousness”, “pure thought”
  21. Chessa – means “at peace” and is of Slavic origin
  22. Daigo – Japanese term in Zen Buddhism meaning “great enlightenment”
  23. Daishi – Japanese for “great master” or “great teacher”
  24. Dana – Sanskrit for “giving”, “generosity”
  25. Densu – in Japanese, the monk responsible for waking the other monks
  26. Deshi – in Japanese, a “disciple (of a teacher)”
  27. Dharma – an aspect of truth or reality
  28. Dhyana – Sanskrit word meaning “meditation”
  29. Dojo – Japanese for hall or place of immersive learning or meditation
  30. Eko – in Japanese, the dedication read after recitation of a sutra
  31. Enzu – Japanese for the “monastery vegetable garden”, or “the gardener”
  32. Evania – Greek meaning “tranquil”
  33. Faith – complete confidence or trust in something
  34. Fritzi – means “peaceful ruler” in German
  35. Galen – Greek meaning “calm, healer”
  36. Galina – of Slavic, Russian origin meaning “calm, healer”
  37. Grace – smoothness and elegance of movement
  38. Harmony – agreement of ideas or pleasing combination of different parts
  39. Hokku – in Japanese, a large temple drum
  40. Hope – a feeling of trust or desire for a particular thing to happen
  41. Ingram – in Scandinavian, “raven of peace”
  42. Inka – in Japanese, meaning “the seal of enlightenment”
  43. Jalen – from Greek Galen, meaning “healer, tranquil”
  44. Jhana – a meditative state of profound stillness and concentration
  45. Jiko – in Japanese, an incense attendant
  46. Jinju – “Steward of purity”, the sanitation steward at a Zen monastery
  47. Joy – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness
  48. Juji – Japanese for “abiding and maintaining”
  49. Kaishi – Japanese for “precept teacher”
  50. Kali – a Hindu goddess
  51. Karma – spiritual principle of cause and effect
  52. Karuna – Sanskrit for “compassion”
  53. Katsu – means “victorious” in Japanese
  54. Ki – means “vital energy”
  55. Koji – Japanese for “cultivate, heal, peace”
  56. Lama – a spiritual leader in Tibetan Buddhism
  57. Lana – in Hawaiian means “calm as still waters” or “afloat”
  58. Lotus – from Lotus flower, symbolic of purity and enlightenment
  59. Lulu – Arabic for “Pearl”
  60. Luna – means “moon”
  61. Mala – in Hindu string of prayer beads
  62. Malina – of Hawaiian origin, meaning “peace”
  63. Mandala – a geometric design symbolizing the universe
  64. Mantra – a word or sound repeated to aid concentration and meditation
  65. Manu – Sanskrit term for “human”
  66. Merit – the quality of being particularly good or worthy
  67. Metta – “compassion meditation” means “benevolence”, “loving-kindness”
  68. Mira  – name meaning “beautiful”, “peace”, “prosperous”
  69. Monk – a person who practices religious asceticism by monastic living
  70. Nirvana – an ideal or idyllic state or place
  71. Om – experienced by sages during deep meditation
  72. Padma – Sanskrit for lotus, symbolic of enlightenment
  73. Pax – name of Latin origin meaning “peaceful”
  74. Paxton – name of Latin origin meaning “peace town”
  75. Paz – girl’s name of Spanish origin meaning “peace”
  76. Prajna – the ultimate understanding of the true nature of existence
  77. Purity – freedom from adulteration or contamination
  78. Rama – means “stop, stand still, rest, rejoice”
  79. Rapture – a feeling of intense pleasure or joy
  80. Reizo – Japanese name meaning “cool, calm, well-groomed”
  81. Rena – means “joyous melody”
  82. Rica – name meaning “forever strong”
  83. Rinpoche – a religious teacher held in high regard among Buddhists
  84. Roshi – a spiritual leader of a community of Zen Buddhists monks
  85. Salem – of Hebrew origin, meaning “peace”
  86. Sangha – the Buddhist monastic order
  87. Seiko – name of Japanese origin meaning “accomplish, truth, child”
  88. Serena – feminine name meaning “clear, tranquil, serene”
  89. Sereno – a boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “calm”
  90. Shalom – means “peace”
  91. Shiloh – girl’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “tranquil, peace”
  92. Shinto – a new monk, also means “way of the gods”
  93. Simran – an act of profound reflection
  94. Solomon – of Hebrew origin meaning “peace”
  95. Spirit – the “soul”
  96. Sunny – name meaning “sunshine, happy, cheerful temperament”
  97. Sutra – a Buddhist or Jainist scripture
  98. Swami – a Hindu male religious teacher
  99. Veda – a girl’s name of Sanskrit origin meaning “knowledge”
  100. Virtue – a girl’s name of Latin origin meaning “moral excellence”
  101. Yogi – a person who is proficient in yoga
  102. Zafu – meditation seat/pillow
  103. Zazen – seated meditation
  104. Zen – meaning peaceful and calm
  105. Zendo – a place used for Zen meditation
105 Zen Dog Names (with Meanings)

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