Petcube Review – Bites 2 vs Play 2 (Differences explained)

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Are you considering purchasing a Petcube pet camera for your fur-babies but not quite sure which model is right for you? Check out our honest Petcube review below where we compare the all-new 2nd generation pet cams from Petcube (very kindly gifted to us); the Bites 2 and the Play 2.

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1080p HD
Auto Night Vision
4x Digital Zoom
160° Wide Angle View
(180° Lens)

1080p HD
Auto Night Vision
4x Digital Zoom
160° Wide Angle View
(180° Lens)


4-microphone array
+ speaker bar

4-microphone array
+ speaker bar

Voice Control

Built-in Alexa

Built-in Alexa

Treat Tossing

Laser Toy


5.7 x 3 x 10.6 inches

3.6 x 3.2 x 3.6 inches

Wireless Communication



Wall Mountable

Tripod Mount

Live Video Streaming

Smart Alerts

With Petcube Care subscription

With Petcube Care subscription

Daily Video Timeline

With Petcube Care subscription

With Petcube Care subscription



12 months
(24 months with Premium Care subscription)

12 months
(24 months with Premium Care subscription)

User manual

User manual




Petcube Review - Petcube Play 2
Image: Petcube


The most glaringly obvious difference between the two pet cameras is the size. The Play 2 is much smaller than the Bites 2 (which contains a treat canister and dispenser). The Play 2’s small cube-like shape also makes it a perfect fit for small spaces (like shelves).

The Bites 2, on the other hand, is much taller and narrower (although, still not overly big!).

Laser toy vs Treat tossing

While the two cameras are essentially the same with regard to technical specs and subscription offerings, it is their namesake features that set them apart.

As the Play 2’s name suggests, you are able to ‘play’ with your pet using its built-in laser toy (don’t worry, it’s safe!). Whereas the Bites 2 doubles as a treat dispenser, with treat tossing capability.

In addition to real-time play and treat-tossing, both devices allow you to schedule activity automatically, i.e. auto play and treat scheduling (a super nice touch for busy pet owners!).

Mounting capabilities

Something we love about both units is the fact that they’re both able to be mounted (for prime positioning!).

The Bites 2 can be mounted on the wall (using the handy mounting kit supplied in the box). While the Play 2 comes with a mount screw on the base that can be attached to a tripod or Play 2 adjustable mount (available separately). Very handy!


The Bites 2 comes in at a slightly higher price-point than the Play 2 as a result of its treat-tossing mechanism and capabilities. Currently, the Bites 2 retails for $249, while the Play 2 retails for $199.

Best for…

Whilst the Play 2 is slightly more geared towards cats and cat owners (and the Bites 2 towards dogs), we’ve found that our dogs love the Play 2 just as much, if not more than the Bites!

Treat tossing is a great feature of the Bites 2 don’t get us wrong, but we noticed whilst using the Bites, that our 2 slightly more timid dogs didn’t like the whirring sound of the treat tossing mechanism. They loved the Play 2’s laser toy though (it doesn’t make a sound).

Having said that, the sound of the treat tossing mechanism didn’t phase our oldest dog, Ollie – he is definitely the boldest of the 3 and totally food-obsessed.

Whilst treat tossing is a fun feature for him, I tried not to use it too much as he quite literally became transfixed on the dispenser. Perhaps not the best for dogs with obsessive tendencies!

Petcube Review - Petcube Bites 2
Image: Petcube

Design and packaging

Both cameras come in a sleek matte silver and black design with rubberized bases for extra grip. We love how compact and durable they are, yet discreet enough to blend in with the décor.

The packaging was nice too – very high quality.

Petcube Care – Smart Alerts and Video Recording

The cameras are great without a subscription but they’re even better with Petcube Care. We especially liked the smart alerts and video timeline features.

Smart alerts (with a Petcube Care subscription) can;

  • Distinguish between sounds and motion
  • Distinguish between humans and pets
  • Send push notifications to your smartphone based on the sensitivity and video recording filters you set
  • Automatically record event-triggered activity to the daily video timeline
Petcube Review - Petcube App
Image: Petcube


As anxious pet owners, we loved being able to check in on our pets throughout the day to make sure they were safe.

Sharing – Family/Friends

As a couple, we loved that we could both use the same Petcube account to check-in on our fur-kids. The app has 3 sharing groups to choose from;

  • Family (always available to family members)
  • Friends (allows you to nominate set times that your friends can access your Petcube camera), and;
  • Public (you can turn on public sharing to the Petcube network if you choose to do so)

Social sharing of snapshots and videos from your Petcube is also really easy.

2-way microphone and wide-angle view

Not only can you hear what is going on at home, you can also talk to your pets through the camera. A little bit confusing for them, but also pretty fun!

The 160° wide-angle view is great too.

Easy setup and mounting options

Both devices were super simple to setup – plug them in, connect to Wi-Fi (via Bluetooth through the app) and away you go. It was also very easy to add a 2nd camera to the account.

Wall mounting for the Bites and tripod mounting for the Play are also really handy features.

Automatic night mode

Night mode turns on automatically for both devices when it starts to get dark. Picture and video quality are not impacted when night mode switches on. Another awesome Petcube feature.


All in all, these cameras are pretty hard to fault! 

If we had to find something though, I would say having to add a Petcube Care subscription to each individual device was a little annoying (since both cameras were linked to the same Petcube account). Not a huge deal though. The other thing would be how addictive they are! 

Overall, we love the sense of security and peace of mind these cameras afford anxious pet owners. Interactive treat tossing (with Bites 2) and laser toy play (with Play 2) make checking in on your pets a fun and rewarding experience. 

The app and subscription offerings are also super easy to use and jam-packed with fun, practical customisable features, making them perfect for the doting pet parents among us. 

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