REVIEW: Petcube Bites 2 vs Furbo Dog Camera

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It’s the battle of the treat dispensing pet cameras on the blog today – specifically the newly updated Petcube Bites 2 vs Furbo – how will they fare? Read on to find out!

Petcube Bites 2 vs Furbo Dog Camera

REVIEW: Petcube Bites 2 vs Furbo Dog Camera 2019 - - pet camera product review, pet camera comparison, best dog camera. Pet monitor, treat-dispensing dog camera, pet tech. #petcamera #doglover

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Side-by-Side Comparison

Camera /Video

1080p HD
Night Vision
4x Digital Zoom
160° Wide Angle View
(180° Lens)

1080p HD
Night Vision
4x Digital Zoom
160° Wide Angle View

Audio /Microphone

2-way Audio

2-way Audio

Wireless Communication




5.7 x 3 x 10.6 in

5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 in


Outlet/USB Cable

Outlet/USB Cable

Wall Mountable


Colors Available

Matte Silver


Standard Features (Without Subscription)

Treat Dispenser

Treat Dispenser Capacity

1.5 lbs
(3x inserts included to help control how many treats to be flung at once, as well as accommodate larger treat sizes)

100 treats

Live Streaming

Sound & Motion Alerts

Bark alerts only

Treat Scheduling (Automation)

Via Alexa only

Family Sharing

Multicam Ability

Free-trial Period

30 days

90 days

Subscription Extras (Paid)

Subscription Name

Petcube Care

Furbo Dog Nanny
(US/Canada/Hong Kong/Taiwan only)

Cloud Based Video Storage 

Up to 90 Days Video History

Up to 24 hours Video History

Smart Alerts

Pet Care Partner Discounts

Extended Warranty

Up to 24 Months With Premium Subscription

Subscription Cost

Up to $14.99/month
or $99/year

or $69/year

Connectivity & Compatibility

Connectivity Requirements

2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, iOS 10.3 & higher or Android 7.1.2 & higher

2.4GHz WiFi, iOS 10 & higher or Android 6 & higher, BLE

Built-in Alexa

Compatible With Alexa Only

Differences explained

1. Design

Whilst the 2 pet cameras are similar in size and features, the 2 could not look more different! The Bites 2 is available in a sleek, futuristic matte silver case, whilst the Furbo is more ‘Scandi-chic’ in design and comes in white only.  

The Bites 2 also comes with an optional wall-mount kit (not offered by Furbo) which is a nice touch, especially if you have bigger dogs with a tendency for knocking things over!

2. Sound & Motion Alerts

The Bites 2 offers both sound and motion alerts with and without a paid subscription, the Furbo on the other hand, only offer bark alerts without a subscription. 

Additional smart alerts (like being able to detect humans and distinguish between sounds and motion) are unlocked with paid subscriptions on both devices. Whilst ‘Dog  Selfie’ alerts (detailed below), also become available with a paid Furbo subscription.

With Petcube you’re also able to set video filters for the alerts that you receive and nominate a desired sound and motion ‘sensitivity level’.  

3. Treat Scheduling

A nice addition offered by the 2nd generation Petcube Bites camera is treat scheduling. Treat scheduling is available as standard (without a subscription) for Petcube users and affords busy pet owners the option to set up an automatic (and highly customizable) treat-dispensing schedule within the Petcube App. This is not offered by Furbo, with treat scheduling only possible via Alexa.

4. Subscription Packages 

These vary significantly between the two. With 2 subscription tiers available, Petcube Care, the Bites subscription service ranges from $5.99/month up to $14.99/month (with significant discounts offered when paying annually). It also comes with various video storage options (up to 90 days) and partner pet care discounts, as well as an extended warranty offering with Premium Care (none of which are currently available from Furbo). 

Furbo’s subscription service, Furbo Dog Nanny, currently offers 1 tier option at $6.99/month and is comparable to Petcube’s $5.99/month offering in terms of Smart Alerts. Furbo Dog Nanny, however, only offers 24 hours of Cloud video storage (vs Petcube’s 3 days). It does offer a 60-sec daily highlight video as part of its package though which is a nice touch.

At the moment Furbo Dog Nanny is only supported in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

5. Dog Selfie Alert

Furbo’s AI technology (in conjunction with the Furbo Dog Nanny subscription service) can detect when your dog is facing the camera and snap a dog selfie and send it directly to your phone as an alert. 

This feature is not currently available with Petcube Bites 2, however you can snap photos manually – Petcube still alerts you to motion though and includes pet and human recognition. 

6. Free Subscription Trial Periods

The Furbo comes with a free 90-day trial period for its Furbo Dog Nanny subscription service, vs Petcube who offer a 30-day free trial only of Petcube Care. 

7. Built-in Alexa

Unlike the original Bites model (which was only Alexa compatible), the Bites 2 actually comes with an Alexa voice assistant built-in. Meaning, there is no need for a separate Alexa device (which is currently the case with Furbo).

A huge point of difference when comparing the two cameras.

8. Cleaning

The Petcube Bites treat tray is detachable and can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand. The Furbo treat container, on the other hand, is not removable and can only be cleaned using a damp cloth.

9. Cost 

Whilst the Furbo is currently the cheaper option of the 2 cameras ($199 vs Bites 2 @ $249), it is also the older of the 2 cameras (released in 2017 vs Bites 2 which was released in July of 2019). 

REVIEW: Petcube Bites 2 vs Furbo Dog Camera 2019 - - pet camera product review, pet camera comparison, best dog camera. Pet monitor, treat-dispensing dog camera, pet tech. #petcamera #doglover
Source: Petcube


1. Interactive treat tossing 

Interactive treat tossing is available with both units. Automatic treat toss (treat scheduling) is also available from both units, however, with the Furbo, this must be scheduled via Alexa rather than from within the Furbo app (which is the case with Petcube).

2. 2-Way Audio, 1080p HD video, and 24/7 monitoring from your phone

Both units allow you to see (in 1080p HD), hear and talk to your pets in real-time from your phone via their apps. Both cameras also offer night vision mode – which is pretty damn cool!

3. Zoom & Wide Angle View

Previously Furbo outranked Bites in terms of zoom and field of view, however, since the release of the 2nd generation Bites model, both devices now offer 4x digital zoom capability as well as a 160° wide-angle view.

4. Smart Alerts

Both devices offer Smart Alerts with a paid subscription (push notifications to your phone via their apps). These are customizable and can distinguish between sound, motion, and activity as well as human detection.

5. Photos and Video Sharing

Both devices allow you to take photos and record videos as well as share access with family and friends. Social sharing is also a feature of both pet cams as well as multi-camera capability.

6. Connectivity and Wireless Communication

The Furbo and the Petcube Bites 2 both have similar connectivity requirements and wi-fi technology. 

REVIEW: Petcube Bites vs Furbo Dog Camera 2019 - - pet camera product review, pet camera comparison, best dog camera. Pet monitor, treat-dispensing dog camera, pet tech. #petcamera #doglover
Source: Furbo

Final Thoughts - Petcube Bites 2 vs Furbo

Both devices are great for monitoring and interacting with your pet when you can’t be there, with the core features of each being essentially the same. What sets them apart, however, are their subscription offerings, design, and Alexa capabilities. 

If you’re looking for a pet camera with extensive video recording storage and playback options, access to other pet care perks and offers, ease of cleaning, wall-mounting capability, and built-in Alexa, then the Petcube Bites 2 (with Petcube Care) might be the pet cam for you. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a pet camera that is slightly cheaper, with a chic Scandinavian inspired aesthetic, selfie alerts and daily highlight reel (with Furbo Dog Nanny), then the Furbo might be a better fit for you. 

At the end of the day it all comes down to the features you value most and what you feel will work best for you and your doggo/s!

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